Oxenford Farm - a working farm in Somerset

About Oxenford Farm


At Oxenford Farm we have a herd of Hampshire, Gloucester Old Spot and Berkshire pigs. These include sows , piglets and young pigs being reared for pork. We sell them as pork, bacon and sausages at local farmers markets. During your stay try the bacon , sausages and our speciality home made faggots which are readily available from our small on site shop.


Due to the economic climate in the dairy industry at the moment, we are sorry to say we no longer have a herd of milking cows.

We do have young beef calves which are reared during the summer months and then sold at market during the winter.


Most of the ground around the yurt site is used to grow crops. This is maize, winter wheat and spring barley. The crops will be harvested when ripe then sold and processed into animal feeds.

During your stay you are welcome to join us in the farm yard to get up close the animals, help feed them, touch and stroke, and take photos.

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